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SAP S4 HANA PPDS: Overview

Production Planning and Detailed Scheduling(PPDS) on SAP S/4HANA is the item running on SAP S/4HANA. Production planning & detailed scheduling is a tool of SAP APO. It is helpful to determine what, when & where to make & buy, considering equipment & production facilities.

There are some key points that will get idea about SAP PPDS on SAP S4HANA:

1.Create planned orders for in-house production for all the requirements.
2.Optimize the result so that the resources are well consumed.
3. Plan with various variants and yet produce the optimized results.


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SAP S4 HANA PPDS: Course Content

S/4 HANA Embedded PPDS – (Production Planning & Detailed Scheduling)

1.       Production Planning Functions in S4 HANA.
2.       Advanced Production Planning with PP/DS
3.       Master Data required in PPDS
4.       Basic functions of Production Planning
5.       Demand Driven MRP
6.       Tools to Evaluate and process planning
7.       Advanced processes in APO- PP/DS
8.       Different Types of Heuristics
9.       Re-Written story of CIF.
10.  Different types of data transfers
11.  Evaluation of Tools used for Interactive Planning.
12.  Enhancing the Planning Aspects by CTP.

13. Absorb Customer Centric Markets with MLAT.

14.  Case Studies with Real Time Examples

o   Production Planning Functions in S4 HANA.
ü  Material Requirement Planning
ü  Multilevel planning
ü  Material Planning and Capacity planning
ü  Production Planning Runs 
o   Advanced production planning with PP/DS
ü  Finite Requirement planning
ü  Finite planning as Multi-step procedure
ü  Planned Material flow
ü  Multi resource planning 
o   Master Data required in PPDS
ü  Products
ü  Resources
ü  Production Data structures
ü  Lot size settings 
o   Basic functions of Production Planning
ü  Requirements strategies
ü  Planning procedures
ü  Determining the supply sources
ü  Scheduling types
ü  Pegging types 
o   Demand Driven Material Requirement Planning
ü  MRP live
ü  Resource with Enhanced UI 
ü  Easy Load distribution of resources
ü  Order Distribution with equivalent Source of supplies. 
o   Tools to Evaluate and Process Planning
ü  Order views
ü  Product planning Table
ü  Product overview
ü  Detailed Scheduling Planning Board
ü  Resource Planning Table
ü  PP/DS Optimizer 
o   Advanced processes in APO – PP/DS
ü  Setup Optimal Sequencing with PP/DS Optimizer
ü  Capable – To – Promise (CTP)
ü  Multi – Resource Planning processes 
o   Different types of Heuristics
ü  Product Heuristics
ü  Heuristics for Flow Control
ü  Service Heuristics 
o   Re – Written CIF Story
ü  CIF Integration
ü  The Principle of QRFC
ü  Tools for Troubleshooting Transfer Errors
ü  One step for all transactional data update. 
o   Different Types of Data transfers
ü  Types of Data transfers
ü  Pre-Requisites for the Data transfer
ü  Eliminating the Transfer Errors
o   Evaluation of Tools used for Interactive Planning
ü  The configuration required along with its pre requisites
ü  The different Graphical options and how can they be used for more interactive screens.

o   Enhancing the Planning Aspects by CTP. (Capable to Promise)

ü  Overview of CTP
ü  Introduction to ATP categories and their use

o   Absorbing the Customer Centric Markets with MLATP (Multi Level ATP)

ü  configuration of MLATP
ü  overview of MLATP
ü  Variant configuration and its use
ü   Rule based condition records 

o   Case studies with Real Time Scenarios 
ü  Detailed study of Different Methods in PP/DS
ü  Understanding the Challenges in implementing each method.


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